August 2019 Vol. 5

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Liquidation of Geomembrane Installer Aeramix Pty Ltd (LIQUIDATORS SHORT NOTICE AUCTION SALE)

Aussie Tech Company Opens Tailing Dams Monitoring Centre in Chile

Brominated Flame Retardants and Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Landfill Leachate from Ireland (Breaking Research)
Concentrations of most PFASs and PBDEs higher in lined than in unlined landfills.

Prof. Kerry Rowe Awarded $587,351.00 for Geosynthetic Liners for Sustainable Development of Arctic Mineral Resources

Worley Parsons Design Life Extension for Nuclear Fuel Pool using EPDM Geomembrane Liner and Geonet and Geotextile (forming together a Geocomposite)

Geomembrane-Lined Dedicated Trench for Large and/or Heavy Radioactive Waste Designed by French

Chemical Compatibility of Conventional Geo-synthetic Clay Liners to Aggressive Low-Level Radioactive Waste Leachate

New ASTM Work Item (WK69424) Revision of D6766 – 18 Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Hydraulic Properties of GCLs Permeated with Potentially Incompatible Aqueous Solutions

Layfield Geomembranes to Exhibit at Environmental Remediation Conference (October 16-18, 2019)

Seam Air Pressure Test Video for Geomembrane Welding

Efficiency of Using Different Lining Materials to Protect Groundwater from Leakage of Polluted Streams

Concrete Canvas Doesn’t Buy UK Government’s Optimism

Titan Appoints Two New Team Members Ron Drewry and Rebecca Spitzer to Support Concrete Canvas® Sales

Geosynthetics Allow Widening of Road Adjacent to an Urban Lake

Geotube™ Mud Socks Central to Plan to Revitalize Baltimore’s Waterfront 
West 8 proposed using geotube mud socks, a geotextile used to set dredge material, to help initiate the wetlands

Adding 3 Miles of Breakwaters at Louisiana Shoreline Using 3-meter-long Geotextile “Pillows” Filled with Very Light Baked Clay

TenCate Offerering Design Assistance for Marine Structures & Environmental Dewatering with Geotube™

TenCate Geosynthetics hiring Cost Accounting Manager

US Reclamation Awards Grants To Local Districts for Geomembrane Lining

Geosynthetics-Reinforced Steep Slopes with Curved Sloping Surfaces and Under Earthquake Regions

Geocell (Cellular Confinement System ) Gets its Own Wikipedia Page

Call for Recovering Geotextiles that Could be “Repurposed”–lzyjh-au1nqqc6
Contact: <>

Terre Armée in India (Soletanche Freyssinet / VINCI Construction) has designed and supplied MSE (mechanically stabilized earth) retaining walls for the installation of a flyover, to take the place of traffic lights, on the extremely busy Dacca-Chittagong motorway.  The walls (maximum height: 10 m) were made from TerraClass® panels using the GeoMega® system with high-adherence GeoStrap 5® geosynthetic reinforcement strips.

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ExcelPlas Geosynthetics Testing Expands Geosynthetic Testing Offerings
ExcelPlas now performs more than 120 standard geosynthetic tests in accordance with relevant  ASTM, GRI and ISO standards. 
We have extensive experience with all types of geosynthetics – from geomembranes (HDPE, LLDPE, fPP), geotextiles to geonets, geogrids, geocomposites and and geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs).
As a Nationally Accredited Testing Laboratory, our technicians, equipment and quality system are monitored regularly for proficiency and compliance assuring that you can count on quality results every time. 

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