January 2016 Vol.7

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Tears in Geomembrane Dam Lining being investigated by EPA

New Symposium on ‘Multicomponent Geosynthetic Clay Liners ‘ 
by Nathalie Touze-Foltz, Kent von Maubeuge and Boyd Ramsey

New Symposium on ‘Durability Testing of Barrier Materials’
By Nathalie Touze-Foltz, Kent von Maubeuge and Boyd Ramsey

New Symposium on ‘The Use of Geosynthetic Barrier Systems in Geotechnical Applications’
By  Kent Von Maubeuge

New Geomembrane Tender – Victoria – 16km of HDPE Channel Lining
Tenders are requested by Goulburn-Murray Water for the Supply of Construction of Channel Remediation.
As part of the GMW Connections Project, it is required that approximately 30km of irrigation channels be remediated consisting of:
· 16km HDPE lining;
· 6.8km Bank Remodeling;
· 6.4km Clay lining; and
· 0.8km Geosynthetic Clay lining
The works are to be undertaken in the Central Goulburn, Murray Valley, Shepparton and Torrumbarry irrigation districts. The work sites are typically located on or adjacent to irrigation channels and are spread thorough the irrigation channel network.
Tender: CR4010, Victoria, closes 17/02/2016 2:00 p.m.

Chevron-Phillips Granted Patent for New Polyethylene with Improved Stress Crack Resistance for Geomembranes

Santos ‘Well Placed’ to Withstand Low Oil Price, Reports Strong Output

CQA – An Insurance Policy for Geosynthetic Installations

Geofabrics Seeking Sales Coordinator for NSW

Electrically Conductive Geosynthetics Hold Promise For Range of New Applications

US Patent Granted for ‘Nonwoven Cementitious Composite Liner for In-situ Hydration ‘

New Geomembrane Leak tightness Tester from Weldy Switzerland

Assessment of Friction Properties at Geotextile Encapsulated-sand systems’ interfaces used for Coastal Protection [PDF]

More Geotextile Found Washed Up on NZ Beach

Concept Plan for Placement of Geotextile Containers for Coastal Protection

Design Drawings or Placement of Geotextile Containers for Coastal Protection

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