May 2017 Vol. 12

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J. P. Giroud Introduces Korean Geosynthetics Video

Raven Liners Reports Strong First Quarter 2018 Results  – Engineered Films Sales Increased 50 percent in the Geomembrane sector


Golders Associates Seeking Civil/Landfill Engineer for their Brisbane’s Office

Seeking Project Manager for Constructing of New $18 Million Landfill Cell at Large Landfill at Summerhill (Wallsend) NSW

Design and Construction of Cell 2 at the Benalla Landfill will be Considered by the Council on 24 May 2017

Fast and Reliable Results NATA Accredited Testing of GCLs
Mass of Bentonite ASTM D5993; Hydraulic Conductivity ASTM D5887; Swell Index ASTM D5890, Fluid Loss ASTM D5891

Landfill Liquids Management with Geosynthetics – Medley Landfill, Miami, FL

Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing Geomembrane and Geotextile and Construction of Lysimeter Pit

Design and set up of Geosynthetic Reinforcement in the Case of Landfill Piggyback Expansion [PDF]

Preliminary Study on Evaluating the Performance of Aged Landfill Covers Using DC and CC Resistivity Methods

Quantification of particle morphology through image based techniques and its importance in Geomembrane Interface Friction Studies

Investigation  Of  Geogrid-granular  Soil  Combination  Layer by Low & Bonar

High Geogrid-Reinforced Slopes as Flexible Solution for Problematic Steep Terrain

Undrained Shear Strength of Soft Clay Reinforced with Geotextile Encapsulated Bottom Ash Columns

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