GEOANZ#2 Organizers Release New Exhibition Spaces

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GEOANZ#2 Organizers Release New Exhibition Spaces (Get in Early to Book)

See the Current GEOANZ#2 Exhibitors and Trade Exhibition Layout

Worker Dies Installing Geotextile

Channel & Spillway Protection with Tiltex 12B GCCM

Massive Geotextile Tube Dewatering Project Underway on the Banks of Post Creek, Wildwood, New Jersey

Application of Geotextile Tubes to Coastal Silt Mitigation: A Case Study

WEBINAR – Best Practices for Geomembrane Penetration and Attachment Details (11th April, 2024)

Development of Fascine Geotextile Mattresses

Lumsden Point Land Reclamation to Use Geotextile
Pilbara Ports said that they will be undertaking land reclamation work later this year on the Lumsden Point project in the Port of Port Hedland using a cutter suction dredger (CSD)


Propex Operating Company, LLC Patent New PP Geosynthetic

Tensar Patent New Type of Coextruded Geogrid


Study of the Failure Mechanism of a High-Density Polyethylene Liner in a High-Pressure Storage Tank

Reinforcement Treatment of Dredging Sludge with Geosynthetics using a Novel Method of Electro-osmosis Vacuum Preloading

A Review on Drainage of Dredged Marine Soils with Geosynthetics: Advances and Prospects

Performance Evaluation of Seismic Resisting Potential of Geo-Composite Liner in Waste Containment Structures–Some Case Studies

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ExcelPlas Geosynthetics Testing Expands Geosynthetic Testing Offerings
ExcelPlas now performs more than 120 standard geosynthetic tests in accordance with relevant  ASTM, GRI, and ISO standards. 
We have extensive experience with all types of geosynthetics – from geomembranes (HDPE, LLDPE, fPP), geotextiles to geonets, geogrids, geocomposites, and geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs).
As a Nationally Accredited Testing Laboratory, our technicians, equipment, and quality system are monitored regularly for proficiency and compliance assuring that you can count on quality results every time. 

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