Breaking News 21 December 2017

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As GNA First Foreshadowed last month – Solmax and GSE Environmental Have Join Forces

Today, two important players in the geosynthetics industry – SOLMAX, based in Montréal, Canada, and GSE Environmental, a based in Houston, Texas (U.S.) – are joining forces. This is a strategic and transformative move and one that we expect will benefit customers from both SOLMAX and GSE.

Combining GSE and SOLMAX will result in a new global organization and an industry-leading manufacturer of superior geosynthetic products.  GSE has been an industry leader over the years with a reputation for innovation and our teams have deep experience and know-how.  Their sales and manufacturing teams are among the best at offering flexibility and customized solutions. SOLMAX has a reputation for operational efficiency, market agility and superior product quality and customer service. The new company will combine all these strengths and more into one organization!

Furthermore, the combined SOLMAX – GSE organization’s manufacturing footprint will expand to four continents and cover most of the industrialized world; and with this expanded footprint comes easier access to raw materials.

Until the companies are fully integrated later in 2018, the GSE and Solmax sales teams will continue to operate side-by-side with separate operational, commercial and pricing strategies.  Later in 2018, they will release their upgraded product portfolio, their regional market approaches and introduce the people responsible for customer relationship management.

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Read Solmax’s Official Statement here:

More on the GSE-Solmax Combination here:

Littlejohn & Co. and Strategic Value Partners Complete Sale of GSE

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