February 2018 Vol. 3

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VIC EPA Condemned for “Overfilled” Landfill just 400 metres from nearby homes

Free Online Calculator for Filling Geosynthetic Sand Containers

Australian Entrepreneur Selling Geotextile Sand Containers to the Arabs

Breaking News – High Presence of Cyanide in Sediments Nearby Gold Ridge Tailing Dam in Central Guadalcanal

Senior Civil Engineer required for design and construction of tailings residue and waste storage facilities for the Mining and Energy Resources 

Rio Tinto Seeking Tailings Maintenance Officer

Hazardous Waste Treatment for Spent Pot Liner Using Geomembrane Liners

Good News from GeoMax – Now Offering Manufacturer Direct Sale of High Performance Geotextiles!

GeoCells – A New Solution for Snow Melt Mud – Predicted by the Geosynthetic Institute to have a 400+ year lifespan

TenCate seeking experienced Technical Manager focusing on Geosynthetics for MSE wall, slope and embankment market for North America

New Book Published – Application of geosynthetics as a tool to improve the stability of soft soils and embankments

New needling lines for the economic production of greater volumes of geotextiles

Geosynthetic material keeps the rain from percolating through the ash and leaking down to the ground water

Stability Performance and Interface Shear Strength of Geocomposite Drain/soil Systems (New Research)

Effectiveness of Wicking Geotextile in Mitigating Freeze-thaw Problems of Aggregate Bases with Fines (New Research)

Effect of Geogrid Reinforcement on the Flexural Behaviour of Concrete Pavements (New Research)

Performance of Model Footing in Geocell Reinforced Sand Bed against Pullout (New Research)

Thinking of Visiting South Korea for the Next International Conference on Geosynthetics?
Note the following important dates:
• Final Paper Submission Deadline : MAR. 30, 2018
• Early Registration Deadline : MAR. 30, 2018
• Sponsorship & Exhibition Application Deadline : MAR. 30, 2018

Concrete Canvas Ltd, Exhibiting at Middle East Rail Exhibition – Terrapinn 

Kuhne GmbH (Smart Sheets®) develops and manufactures extrusion lines for flat films, sheets and geomembranes 

The Geosynthetic Interest Group of South Africa (GIGSA) Is Proud to Be Hosting the Inaugural Geosynthetic Conference in July 2018

IGS Symposium 18th April 2018 on the Use of Geosynthetics in Rail

For Sale – Olympus TOF-D Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Test Equipment “AS NEW” for HDPE Weld Inspection – Complete System

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ExcelPlas Geosynthetics Testing Expands Geosynthetic Testing Offerings
ExcelPlas now performs more than 120 standard geosynthetic tests in accordance with relevant  ASTM, GRI and ISO standards.
We have extensive experience with all types of geosynthetics – from geomembranes (HDPE, LLDPE, fPP), geotextiles to geonets, geogrids, geocomposites and and geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs).
As a Nationally Accredited Testing Laboratory, our technicians, equipment and quality system are monitored regularly for proficiency and compliance assuring that you can count on quality results every time.

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