November 2014 Vol.2

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1. ExcelPlas exhibiting at Melbourne Geosynthetics & Geotechnics Conference is just 3 days away!  (10-14 November 2014)
It will be the Largest gathering of Geomembrane Companies ever in the Southern Hemisphere!
See exhibitor’s list at:

2. Full Conference Program for Melbourne Now Published

3. EPA Republish Siting, Design, Operation and Rehabilitation of Landfills BPEM 2014 – October 2014

4. ExcelPlas develops Accelerated Ageing Screening Tests for High-Performance Stabilized HDPE and LLDPE Liners
More information contact:

5. EPA Grants New Permit for Condabri CSG Development Area (23 October 2014)
Including 252 Hectares across 18 dams for brine water

6. New GRI White Paper 31 on Geotextile Filter Characterization (Free Download)

7. Effect of Chlorinated Water on the Antioxidant Depletion of  HDPE Geomembranes (Free Download)

8. Modelling Antioxidant Depletion in HDPE Geomembranes (Free Download)
The outward diffusion of antioxidants aided by the role of the surfactant as a wetting agent.

9. Durability of Three HDPE Geomembranes Immersed in Different Fluids at 85°C

10. Raven Industries acquires Integra Plastics

11. Raven Industries: A Small, Debt Free Geomembrane and Films Company With Substantial Long-Term Potential

12. Alternative approaches to Channel Lining Systems – Smartditch™

13. NAUE Geomembranes Publish Latest Newsletter