November 2019 Vol. 5

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New Geomembrane with Breathable Pockets for Odour Control 

Leak Location and Integrity Testing in Lined Ponds [PDF] 

Company Fined After Contractor Broke his Thigh While Attempting to clean a Geomembrane Pond Liner 

ExcelPlas Offering Full Deformulation Analysis (DA) Of Geomembranes to Determine Fitness for Purpose and Durability Assessment 

ACIGS Podcast Siamak talks to Mike Dobie (Regional Manager for Asia Pacific at Tensar International) about Geosynthetics Application in Reinforcement and Stabilization

Development of a Laboratory Test for Evaluation of Geogrid Materials (Declassified) 

New Tool for Characterizing Durability of Woven Geotextiles (NEW) 

AMCG Supporting Geofabrics Automated Thermally-Bonded Geocomposite (ATBG) Manufacturing 

Experimental Evaluation on Cyclic Shear Behavior of Geomembrane–Concrete Interfaces (NEW) 

First Look – 7th European Geosynthetics Conference (Poland 6-9th September 2020) 

IGS UK Symposium: 6th National Geosynthetics Symposium (12-13 May 2020) 

Geosynthetics in Brownfield Remediation 

Monash University – Geosynthetics Intensive Learning and Development Program 

Effectiveness of Geogrid and its Position on the Performance of Unpaved Roads Under Repetitive Loading 

New Geomembrane Installers – Australia Wide Lining (AWL) 
South Burnett based Company Specialising in the Supply and Installation of Quality Geosynthetic Liners

An Experimental Evaluation of Size Effect and Bearing Capacity of Footing on Non-woven Geotextile-Reinforced Sand 

NSW Tender for Installation of GCL for the Existing 700 ML In-ground Storage to Ensure for Containment of Water 

Tencate Geotube Exhibiting at Myanmar Expo (21-23 October 2020)

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ExcelPlas Geosynthetics Testing Expands Geosynthetic Testing Offerings
ExcelPlas now performs more than 120 standard geosynthetic tests in accordance with relevant  ASTM, GRI and ISO standards. 
We have extensive experience with all types of geosynthetics – from geomembranes (HDPE, LLDPE, fPP), geotextiles to geonets, geogrids, geocomposites and and geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs).
As a Nationally Accredited Testing Laboratory, our technicians, equipment and quality system are monitored regularly for proficiency and compliance assuring that you can count on quality results every time. 

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January 2016 Vol.2

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Mother of Geomembrane Rubber Weir Failure Victim Sues for Negligence

Landfill Slope Failure Due to High Water Levels – Case Study [PDF]

Launceston City Council has Applied to Develop a New $3.1 Million Landfill Cell

Bio-digester Using Geomembranes supplies energy to 3000 Farms

Eco Line Solutions seeking Geomembrane Handler for Sydney Project

Specialized geotextile expected to extend the lifespan of canal by about 50 years at a project cost is $10 million–crews-lower-the

TenCate says its Specialized Geotextile Product will Lead to Cheaper, More Durable Roads

New Software Geosynthetic Design Software Released by Naue

Study of Geo-Grid Reinforcement on Soil (New Paper)

Ten Cate shows New Geosynthetics for Marine Structures

Geosynthetic Options for Canal Liners

Alberta Government Publishes approved List of Geosynthetics – January 5, 2016

Schwartz Kristoffel Publish Geomembrane Selection Matrix

Naue updates Design Software Secuslope for Mechanically Stabilized Earth Applications

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June 2015 Vol.7

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1. Raven Promotes its new Reinforced Geomembranes for Landfill Covers / Caps

2. Seaman Corporation Manufacturers of XR-5 Liners Launches New Website

3. Seeking Project Manager – Civil & Geosynthetics (Melbourne)

4. ExcelPlas Labs able to conduct Condition Monitoring (CM) of Geomembrane Liner and Covers
A multi criteria analysis program uses residual stabiliser levels & residual mechanical property data to a provide a condition assessment of in situ liners/covers

5. Construction of a 280m Geosynthetic Sand Container (GSC) revetment for Quinns Beach erosion works – City of Wanneroo

6. Tariff Concession Orders Granted for Non woven Polypropylene Geotextiles
Local manufacturers of substitutable goods may request the revocation of the Tariff Concession Order

7. Predicting Settlement and Stability of Geomembrane Lined Wet Coal Ash Impoundments using Dilatometer Tests

8. Geotech Systems Ltd an established principal supplier of Geosynthetic materials seeking Operations Engineer

9. Leachate Percolation through Failed Geomembrane of a Geo-Composite Soil Barrier (New Publication)

10. Tender No – Ten02/15 – Rehabilitation of Angus Place Rural Landfill (NSW)×624

11. Landfill Liner in the Active Disposal Area may be Leaking – Contamination detected its water monitoring wells

12. Waste Site Water Worries for Allawuna Farm Landfill by Waste Giant SITA Australia

13. Download the preliminary list of papers – Tailings and Mining Waste 2015 – to be held in Sydney, 27-28 July

14. Plastika Kritis Update Their HDPE Geomembrane Specifications

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June 2015 Vol.6

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1. BHP says Olympic Dam Expansion is ‘Game On’

2. Worley Parsons sheds more than 2,000 jobs amid slumping commodity prices (source: ABC News Australia)

3. New Product News – Agru HDPE Drain Liner™ – An Integrated Drainage Product &  Liner
Both a liner and a drainage layer in the one product; Perfect as a secondary liner and has decided advantages over conventional genets. It is installed in one layer as an integral drain with the primary or secondary liner, dramatically reducing installation time, reducing material and installation costs, lowering CQA cost, and delivering better consistency and bi-directional flow.

4. Solmax reports that its new HLR HDPE geomembranes retain 90% of their antioxidants after 90 days of full immersion at 80°C

5. Willcen Australia Promotes its AKS HDPE Geomembrane Liner

6. Seaman Corp.: Coated Fabrics Leader and Producers of XR5 geomembrane – An interview with Richard Seaman

7. Use of Geotextiles in Land Reclamation by Chris Lawson, TenCate Geosynthetics (Free Download)

8.TenCate Expert Bios – Meet the Experts

9. GRI to Host New Webinar on Geosynthetics in Erosion Control

10. WA Contact list for Engineering Consultants (Declassified)

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BREAKING NEWS June 10, 2015

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Growing market expectations require new high performance materials. Solmax’s latest innovation is its patent pending HLR (Hot Liquid Rated) Series of geomembranes.
With its unique blend of special resins and additive package, this series of hot liquid resistant geomembranes offers the same hydrostatic strength and long-term durability as traditional HDPE Geomembranes do at typical service temperatures. Solmax’s goal is to consistently provide high quality products and meet high market demands.

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