November 2019 Vol. 2

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Refurbishment of Remote Mine Potable & Process Water Storage Pond with CSPE Geomembranes 

Reclamation Canal Projects to Reduce Salinity and Improve Water Quality with Geomembrane Lining 

Representative Stress Crack Resistance of Polyolefin Geomembranes Used in Waste Management 

Assessment of Geophyics Techniques for Monitoring of Geomembrane-Lined Landfills 

Conditioning Monitoring of Reinforced Polypropylene Floating Covers – Why and How do RPP Covers Degrade
Is my cover still safe to walk on?  

Proposed Class Action Puts Australia’s PFAS Policies in the Spotlight Accelerating Need for Containment Liners 

PFAS Remediation Company named Australian Technology Company of the Year 

Geotextile Comes to the Rescue for US Oil Spill 

Effect of Installation Geometry on Dynamic Stability of Small Earth Dams Retrofitted with a Geosynthetic Clay Liner 

International Geosynthetic expert Mr Boyd J. Ramsey presented a keynote address and presented a workshop at the Landfill 2019 Conference & Exhibition
 Mr Ramsey has been a leader within the geosynthetic,  environmental containment and waste disposal industries for over 20 years and his involvement promises to be very interesting –

Sustainable Geotextiles Made from Recycled Textiles [PDF]

Experimental Studies on Interfacial Shear Characteristics between Polypropylene Woven Fabrics 

A Geomembrane Liner to Stop Water Seepage in an 8 km Long Embankment: The Bill Young Reservoir Case History 

Review of Process Control and Assurance for Optimized Seaming Condition Optimization of Woven Geotextiles to Improve Stability in Soft Soil Structure

Geosynthetic Solutions for Coastal Engineering Applications –  Tensar New Webinar 

Celebrating Reinforced Soil Structures Based on HDPE Geogrids (by Tensar UK)

Effect of Strain Rate on Cyclic Behavior of Pond Ash Reinforced with Geocell 

Use of Geomembranes to Protect from PFAS Migration from Landfills with EPA Grant 

Use of a Geosynthetic Clay Liner to Rehabilitate the Lower Chinns Dam, Colorado
Steve Kuehr, P.E., Principal, Brierley Associates; and Ryan Schoolmeesters, Dam Safety Engineer, CO Division of Water Resources 

Influence of Rib Stiffness and Limited Long-Term Junction Strength on Geogrid Performance (by Werner Mueller of BAM Institute) 

A Finite Element Study on Optimum Location of Geogrid Layer Installation in Asphalt Overlay 

Implementation of a Combination of Geotube and Microbially-Induced Carbonate Precipitation (MICP) for Coastal Erosion Protection that is Cheaper, Energy-Saving and Eco-friendly 

ACIGS Undergraduate Research Summer Project – Applications Now Open
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