President and CEO of Solmax Stepping Down

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President and CEO of Solmax Stepping Down

US Beach Seeks Change to Hardened Shoreline Laws and Replace Sand-filled Geotextile Tubes


Case Study: Advanced Leak Detection for Tailings Management with eLagoon™ Technology [PDF]

The Use of Geomembranes for Pumped-Storage Reservoirs [PDF]

Evaluation of Covers and Exposed Geomembrane Covers (EGC) for Landfills: Sustainability and Resiliency [PDF]


Huesker Press Release – Why it’s Wrong to Generalise about Geotextiles Contributing to PFAS Contamination

Armed Forces Transport the Geotexan Geotextile by Helicopter to Save Glacier

SOLMAX Apply for Graphene in Geomembranes Patent

Technical Committee Work Plan for Evaluation of Geotextile and Facility Audits [PDF]

NAUE Rainwater Harvesting Project Using Geomembranes

Less than 1 Month Until GEOANZ#2 in Melbourne

EuroGeo8: Call for Papers (15-18 September 2025)

See all Exhibitors Already Booked In for EuroGeo8 in Lille, 15-18 September 2025

How Durable are GEOTUBE Units in Engineering Projects?

Guest Editorial for the Special Issue on “Geosynthetic-Reinforced Sustainable Transport Infrastructures”

Nominations Invited for Renowned Giroud Lecture

Decommissioned Open-pit Mines with Geomembranes are Potential Geothermal Sources of Heating or Cooling for Nearby Population Centres

Geocell Soil Confinement System Reduces Maintenance on Site Access Roads and Drilling Pads in the Bakken Regions of Canada


Webinar 25 June – ‘Modern Mining with Geosynthetics’ by NAUE – Building on Sustainable Ground

Webinar June 25 – ‘Optimizing Landfill Operations for Sustainability and Stability’


CARPI Patent Double-Sealed Connection of Waterproofing Panels for Hydraulic Works

MEGA DRAIN GP LLC (Ste 200Austin, Texas, US)

EMAC LAGOONS Patent Innovative Leak Proof Liner System for Large Water Storages and Reservoirs

Propex Patent Geotextile-based Structure for Vegetative Growth Enhancement And Erosion Resistance

SOLMAX Apply for Graphene in Geomembranes Patent


Geosyntec Seeking Geosynthetics Site Manager

Huesker Patent Geotextile Sediment Cap with Active Media


Real-time Ultrasonic Water Level IoT Sensor for In-situ GCL Permeability Testing


Numerical Simulation of the Load Transfer Mechanism of a Geosynthetic Encased Stone Column Unit Cell under Embankment Loading

Geosynthetic-Reinforced Ferrochrome Slag: Experimental and Numerical Study on the Performance of Square Footing

Long-term Stress Characteristics of a Box Culvert with a Load Reduction System using Geogrids and EPS Under High Fill

Proper Application of Asphalt Geosynthetics to Achieve Optimal Shear Bond Strength


Geocells for Unpaved Roads: Analysis of Design Methods from the Literature

Geocell Soil Confinement System Reduces Maintenance on Site Access Roads and Drilling Pads in the Bakken Regions of Canada


Direct Shear Behaviour of Excavated Clay Reinforced with Geocomposite Drainage Layer Encapsulated in Thin Sand Layers


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